High quality user
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Advertisers want more Introducing AlgoMatch

Marketing tactics alongside automated processes may enable advertisers to reach their goals…but that isn’t enough…

You deserve more.

Algo-Match stands at the core of our technology, built and designed to optimize the user acquisition process allowing you to get ONLY relevenat users and high KPIs

Monitoring And Analyzing Vast amounts of Traffic Data

Profiling Process Of “Most Valued” Users

Promoting Apps To Most Relevant Users Only

Bringing precision of users’ quality to a new level, Algo-Match combines these three processes for a perfect match:

Traffic Quality

By continuously monitoring and analyzing traffic, Tabatoo is able to automatically shut down the traffic channels that do not deliver and convert. This process enables you to minimize costs while maximizing potential ROI.

Users Profiling

Profiling your ideal user is important. Tabatoo creates a profile of it’s users, based on a pre-defined set of attributes. We are then able to deliver only those that match your ideal user characteristics.

User scoring

All our users are given an LTV (lifetime user value) score. This score is used to perfect the matchmaking process. Tabatoo’s core technology is designed and developed to accurately define users’ scores.es.